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Space Pirates


Pirates! Aliens! Space Travel! Space Pirates tells the story of Gabby, a kid who gets picked on during a school trip to the museum. Everything quickly changes when an alien space ship accidentally beams Gabby and her classmates up to outer space. Things go from bad to worse when the alien space ship is suddenly attacked by SPACE PIRATES! It’s only after this whirlwind space adventure that Gabby becomes comfortable in her own skin, and her classmates appreciate her for who she is.


1. Old Stuff

2. Always on the Outside

3. That's What Aliens Do

4. Blarg A Riptoo

5. Space Pirates!

6. Zooglebotz

7. If You Want to Be a Pirate

8. Captured by Space Pirates Blues

9. Always on the Outside (Reprise)

10. Argh A Riptoo

11. If You Want to Be a Pirate (Reprise)

12. Blarg A Riptoo (Finale)


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