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Annual Public Board Meeting

Once a year FCTAC holds a public board meeting. Any member of the community over the age of 18 can attend to hear a report of the past year's activities and vote on board members. A regular board meeting is held immediately after the annual meeting is adjourned. Scroll to see the agenda for each.

For those who desire to be on the board:

Anyone desiring to be on the board will need to have someone nominate them and be seconded to get a spot on the ballot. It may help if the new nominee has some experience in Theater or Stage Performance. They should have a sincere interest to volunteer and serve. If you are not acquainted with the board, you should bring a brief resume and plan on introducing yourself.


2023 Annual Meeting Specifics
The theater is looking for help with sound and lighting, website and financial management, set design, and social media management.  The annual meeting will be March 1, 2023 at the Theater at 6:00pm.


The agenda usually follows this pattern:

Call to Order

Report of the President

Secretary/Treasurer Report if not included in Presidents Report

Election of Directors

Transaction of any other Board items



Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly board meetings are also open to the public. Community members can attend to give comments on recent theater activities. The agenda usually follows this pattern:

Call to order

Approval of previous months financial report

Approval of previous months minutes

Board Discussion items

Action on any Discussion Items

Public Comment



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