Peter Pan Cast List

Author: Talesha
March 17, 2015

Disney Peter Pan Jr. 2015 Cast List:



Sunny C.—Tinkerbell

Ashlyn W.—Iredessa

Savannah R.—Silvermist

Claire C.—Rosetta

Elly J.—Fawn

Mayzee P.—Lyria

Sidney S.—Vidia

Lyndie L.

Hollie W.

Haley C.

Ella J.

Dayzee C.

Breeley B.

Elina P.


Lost Boys:

Sam J.—Cubby

Jacob R.—Skunk

Michael L.—Hop

Molly R.—Fox

Gemma L.—Raccoon Twin 1

Emily C.—Raccoon Twin 2

Tavanna S.

Laney B.

Victoria R.

Kendra S.

Landon L.



Jaclyn M.—Aquata

Cheyenne P.—Andrina

Kallie L.—Arista

Madison B.—Atina

Aspen L.—Adella

Abi F.—Alana

Savannah P.





Gracie J.—Peter Pan

Katie L.—Wendy

Cru C.—John

Thomas W.—Michael

Ty J.—Mr. Darling

Savannah P.—Mrs. Darling



Ty J.—Hook

Sadie L—Smee

Sam L.—Scottish Jukes

Caitlyn A.—Cockney Flint

Joey R.—Clubfoot Cookson

Allyn P.—Mean Murphy

Dallin R.—Simpleminded Noodler

Tyson B.—Sweet Skylights

Lydia A.

Rebecca C

Madison M

Cali P

Preslie M

Donny S

Natalie A

Mathew S

Grace T

Zoe H

Cheyenne P

Kallie L

Aspen L

Kai J











Joey R.—Chief

Savannah P.—Tigerlily

Brinn N.—Brave Pine

Adelyn C.—Brave Oak

Ellie C.—Brave Shrub

Kathryn C

Brittyn J

Jazmin C.

Estee H.

David F.


Indians continued:

Lily P.


Britney B.

Emma L.

Jaclyn M.

Madison B.

Abi F.

Alexa M.








Dear Parents and Cast:

We will be holding our first meeting on April 11, at 9:00 a.m. at the  Worm Creek Theater.

This meeting is mandatory for cast members and at least one parent or guardian.

We will begin with parent sign-ups, and assigning jobs. Then we will pass out cds, scripts and calendars. We will finish with a complete read through of the script. Please be aware that your $15 fee is due at this meeting. We will not be able to hand out any music or scripts to children who have not paid the fee.

Please enter from the front door, the back will not be unlocked.


The announcing of the cast can be a difficult time for some children, especially if the role does not meet the expectations of your child. Please trust that the roles were cast as ensembles, not just one or two “lead” roles. It is important that every member of the cast understands the importance of working together and seeing the production as a whole—not just as individual parts. Every part has a role and impacts the entire production.

NOW PLAYING: The Longest Ride

Author: Talesha
February 20, 2015


Now playing:

The Longest Ride

IT will be playing Friday, April 24, Saturday, April 25 and Monday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m.





Movie Ticket Prices

Author: Talesha
January 10, 2015

Movie Ticket Prices ARE:

Adults $4.00

Kids under 12- $3.00