The Little Mermaid JR Cast List and information

Author: Talesha
March 9, 2016

Disneys Little Mermaid Jr. Cast List

Please read through the following very carefully:


We have asked that only ages 7 and up try out for this musical, it is too hard to “tend” the little ones when we are trying to rehearse and there is a big difference in just that one year between 6 and 7. If you have a special circumstance such as your child having a birthday before the show opens please talk to me. Otherwise, please encourage your child to come see the show and we would love to have them come try out when they are old enough, we do a production every summer. I am sorry I can’t make more exceptions, I have turned away so many, I have to be consistent to be fair.

Each child will be required to pay a $20 fee which is due at the FIRST meeting we hold. Please be prepared and bring this with, we won’t be able to pass out any music, scripts, or cds to any participants who have not paid. This fee helps us cover costs for many things in the show. Checks can be made out to Worm Creek Opera House.

Each family is also asked to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours of parent help in some way. The lists to sign up will be at the first meeting as well. You can sign up yourself or send someone to sign up for you.  It will be first come first served with a limited number of helpers in each category so please be flexible.

We encourage a lot of practice to be done at home in order for the show to be a success. Please be prepared to encourage your children to listen to the music and practice lines every chance they have so our practice time can be used in the best way possible for the entire cast.

We will be holding two short (hour to hour and a half) practices after school during the week and a longer practice on Saturdays. Once school is out we likely will add more depending on where we are at. We try our hardest to schedule the practices in a way that you will not need to be there if you are not needed, please try and be to every practice you are scheduled for.

Thank you!

Parent meeting and first run through Thursday April 7th 5-6:30 p.m. at the theater.  Please bring your performance fee of $20, we will be handing out books/music/calendars etc. Parents please be ready and willing to sign up to help in a category so we can get the show together.

CAST Results in Alphabetic order of your first name:

Abigail J.—Flounder

Ady  C.—Princess 3, Tentacle

Alexa C.—3rd Plaice

Alyssa J.—Atina, Lagoon Flamingo

Amberlyn S.— Chef 5, Lagoon Cricket, Starfish 2

Ashlyn W.—Chef, Lagoon Cricket, 2nd Bass

Benjamin Y.—Sailor, Chef 7

Brittyn J.—Princess 4, Tentacle

Cali P.—Andrina, Lagoon Frog

Cheyenne P.—Princess 2, Tentacle

Claire C.—The Carp

Collan P.—2nd Plaice

Cordell L.—King Triton

Dacey W.—The Bass

Davis C.—Chef Louis

Dayzee C.—Gull 2, Chef, Clownfish

Elina P.—Jelly Fish 2

Ella J.—Princess 5, Tentacle

Ellie C.—Chef, Lagoon Cricket, Starfish 1

Elly J.—Princess 6, Tentacle

Emma E.—Carlotta, 2nd Newt

Emma L.—Jelly Fish 4

Emily C.—Sailor, Chef 1

Estee H.—The Newt

Grace T.—Allana, Lagoon Frog

Hollie W.—Gull 1, Chef 2, Clownfish

Jackie W.—The Chub

Jada B.—Adella, Lagoon Flamingo

Jadelyn R.—Princess 1, Tentacle

Joshua H.—3rd Chub

Kaitlyn J.—2nd Chub

Kathryn C.—3rd Carp

Katie L.—Ursula

Landon P.—Jelly Fish 1

Laney B.—Pilot, Chef 4

Libby B.—Sebastian

Lily P.—Jelly Fish 3

Lincoln P.—2nd Carp

Makenzie N.—Aquata, Lagoon Frog

Mallory N.—The Fluke

Maura A.—Chef, Lagoon Cricket, 3rd Newt

Mavi C.—Flotsam

Mckenzie D.—Sailor, Chef

Mike L.—Grimsby

Morgan S.—Sailor, Chef 8

Natalie A.—The Plaice

Rebecca C.—Arista, Lagoon Flamingo

Sadie C.—Sea Horse 1

Samuel Y.—Sailor, Chef 6

Savanna P.—Ariel

Shylee W.—Jetsam

Sophia J.—Sea Horse 2

Sunny C.—Scuttle, Clown Fish

Sydney C.—Sailor, Chef 3

Tianna C.—3rd Fluke

Thomas W.—2nd Fluke

Ty J.—Eric

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Movie Ticket Prices ARE:

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